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About the Online Comic - Gary the Fairy


In a world where if you don't nail it down its gets outsourced it is not hard to believe that the fairy industry was next.  While the big fairy corporations were maximizing their profits the little guys that spent their entire career performing magical tricks were thrown to the streets.  In an effort to survive the fairies looked for any odd job they can get their hands on. 

Gary the Fairy is a webcomic about the misadventures of one such fairy who after 25 years in the fairy industry is now trying to find his place in this world. 

Join us in this online comic as we ride along in life with Gary and his career choice adventures.  Experience Gary as an insulting weekly horoscope author, tip of the day author and whatever other adventure he decides to bring to the plate.

 And as Gary would say… Who loves ya liver lips?  Seriously, who loves you because I don’t?

  What you will find on this site  
  • Comics - duhhh!
  • Amusing thought of the day
  • Insulting and funny horoscopes
  • Gary the Fairy Merchandise -(hey, a fairy has to eat)

* Webcomic updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

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